• Ballinascreen credit union is a successful financial cooperative, owned and controlled by its members for its members.

  • Ballinascreen credit union can help you achieve financial independence through regular savings and access to fair and affordable loans and all our member services.

  • 17-19 Saint Patricks Street, Draperstown Magherafelt, BT45 7AJ

  • Draperstown Opening Hours

    Monday 10am - 4pm

    Tuesday 10am - 4pm

    Wednesday 10am - 4pm

    Thursday 10am - 8pm

    Friday 10am - 5pm

    Saturday 10am - 3pm

    Glenelly Office Opening Hours

    Monday closed

    Tuesday 9:30am - 1:30pm

    Wednesday 9:30am - 1:30pm

    Thursday 2pm - 7pm

    Friday closed

    Saturday closed

  • The common bond is that factor which unites all members of a credit union. It defines the area within which Ballinascreen credit union can operate.

  • Every £1 saved is equivalent of one share in a credit union. A minimum saving of £5 is needed to keep the account open. You should save regularly to build up a savings history. Each share is eligible for a dividend at the end of the year. The more savings held by Ballinascreen Credit Union, the more funds are available for loans to our members.

  • As the amount of shares builds up, the common fund of money grows. This in then available for providing loans to members. All members are encouraged to save regularly, even when repaying a loan. This gives the member several direct benefits, and ensures that there are funds for the credit union for use by all members.

  • Please click here to become a member of Ballinascreen Credit Union if you are living, working or studying in our common bond. Please note that you must have the relevant ID documents ready to upload during the membership application process, otherwise you will not be able to complete the application online.

    • Photographic ID such as a passport or driving licence

    • Proof of residence such as a recent bank statement or utility bill

    • Evidence of your Tax Identification Number/PPS Number such as a tax cert, letter from social services or an official document from the Revenue Commissioners

    If membership is based on working or studying rather than living in the area, a letter from your employer, school or college may also be required.

  • Once your membership application has been accepted, one of our friendly staff will contact you to make an appointment to visit our office in Ballinascreen to sign your membership application and nomination forms and to pay the £1 membership joining fee and lodge a minimum of £10 savings to your account.

    We will then post your Membership book detailing your credit union account number and details of your savings to your address.

  • Once you have become a member of Ballinascreen credit union you can then register for online access to your account and download our Mobile App so you can manage your money on the go.

  • You can apply for a loan from Ballinascreen Credit Union in a few easy steps.

    1. Choose what type of loan suits your requirements.
    2. Use our loan calculator to calculate how much you could borrow and what your regular repayments will be.

  • Use the Loan Calculator below to see what you can afford to borrow and what your potential repayments will be.

  • £40,000 is the maximum amount of overall total savings you can have in your Ballinascreen Credit Union accounts comprising of £15,000 in a share account and £25,000 in a deposit account. There is no maximum limit to the monthly amount you can save below these limits.

  • You may save through a standing order instruction to your bank, by EFT for extra convenience, or simply by calling into the office in Ballinascreen during opening hours.

  • You can withdraw £500 in cash in our office in Ballinascreen or withdraw any balance by cheque, transfer it to a bank account or Revolut by simply sending an email to us attaching your photo identification and providing us with the relevant instructions regarding same.